Seeing Through Death - CD  

Barry Long Audio


Facing the Fact
Without the Fear

written and read

by Barry Long

ISBN 978-1-899324-22-4

Single CD 80mins
rrp £13.99 $17.95 A$29.00

Published 1983 on cassette.

New CD edition 2007.

Death is such an important part of life ­ but we hide from it. It's the great taboo. Barry Long asks: 'May I speak to you of death? May I talk openly about dying, grief and bereavement?' This frank and compassionate account of death and dying prepares us for the moment when death comes . . .

For the dying, the grieving - and those who    have yet to face it.
What happens when we die.
How to face death and deal with the fear.
How to see through it. And see it through.
'We always imagine we will die tomorrow.
But when we die, we die today.'
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Seeing Through Death:
Facing the Fact Without Fear

Seeing Through Death:
Facing the Fact Without Fear
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Barry Long speaks of the ignorance that surrounds the subject of death and the importance of seeing through the taboo so that when death arrives in our lives we are not helpless and do not avoid the truth it holds.

We are advised to live out our lives in the knowledge that life and death are one continuum. He explains the importance of dying rightly - and what that means.

There is advice for the bereaved as well as the dying. He speaks of the death of loved ones, the loneliness and grief and how to cope with it. And helps parents who have to explain death to their children.

This recording has been used and recommended by healers, bereavement counsellors and doctors, in hospitals and hospices.

But it is not only for use when death comes. It also provides an essential element of Barry Long's whole spiritual teaching. He speaks of the purpose behind death, the love that is released in dying and why it is so important to die consciously - knowing what is happening and why. For, as he says 'there is an art to dying'.

'In the game of living, the rule is: everyone dies.
You win by finding death before it finds you.
The prize is life'.

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