Start Meditating Now CD  

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How To Stop Thinking

written and spoken
by Barry Long

ISBN 978-1-899324-20-0

2 CD set 131 mins
rrp £18.99 $24.95 A$44.00

Tapes first published
separately 1983, 1989.
Presented together 1996.
New CD edition 2007.

The contents of Tape One are
included in 'The Way In

Stop visualising, day-dreaming, focusing, affirming, concentrating, contemplating, frowning. . .
Start meditating now. And learn how to stop unnecessary thinking.

No-nonsense instruction in a method that    works.
Dispels restlessness, worry and disturbing    emotion.
Successful track-record for nearly 20    years, used by thousands.

You're in meditation from the start. No music. No mantras. No yogic positions. No religious belief or previous experience required.
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Start Meditating Now:
How to Stop Thinking

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Start Meditating Now:
How to Stop Thinking
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There are two parts: The first takes you through a straightforward meditation to calm and still the mind and body. Then you can start to remove the inner restlessness and emotionality that blocks the way to wellbeing. In the second part you tackle the thinking that takes your attention anywhere and everywhere except where it belongs within your whole body system.

CD One
: Start Meditating Now

The teacher's voice is with you all the way. The instruction is clear and easy to follow. Meditation is the start of the process of coming closer to being - simply being, responding to life without being disturbed in anyway. This is sometimes called 'living in the moment' - or being now. So meditating 'now'
is only the start. Barry Long helps you develop the presence to introduce more stillness into your daily life and use it to unseat the restlessness and distraction that keeps your brain so busy. You will learn how to release tension and resentments, dissolve negative emotion and deal with worry.
In this respect, it's not just a meditation tape but an introduction to a
whole way of life and as such has many rewards to offer.

CD Two: How To Stop Thinking

The special feature of this two CD programme is the emphasis placed on the need to stop all unnecessary thinking. At first this seems literally unthinkable. But Barry Long gives you a series of exercises and challenges to weaken the habitual automaton in the brain which goes on thinking when there's no need. Needless thinking wastes mental energy and of course easily becomes worry. In conjunction with sitting meditation, gradually your attention and awareness will escape from the loop of habitual mental exercise and settle upon the much more vital business of 'simply being'.

'When you stop thinking you sail into amazing stillness and wellbeing. And then you know that learning to meditate was the best move you ever made.'

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