A Journey in Consciousness CD  

Barry Long Audio


Exploring the truth
behind existence

written and read
by Barry Long

ISBN 978-1-899324-21-7

2 CD set 141 mins
rrp £18.99 $24.95 A$44.00

Tapes first published 1983
and 1989. Presented together 1996.
New CD edition 2007.

A journey through the mind and senses to the consciousness behind all that exists.

Stimulates the perception of inner realities.
Puts rare esoteric knowledge into simple,    relevant terms.
Accelerates the speed of your    consciousness.
Prepare to be amazed.

An amazingly simple and original way of explaining 'what I am and where I come from' - to answer the age-old cry: 'Who am I - really?'

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A Journey in Consciousness:
Exploring the Truth Behind Existence

A Journey in Consciousness:
Exploring the Truth Behind Existence
deep books (uk)

The first
CD examines the human mind and body, the apparatus of our existence, and uses certain exercises to demonstrate both its limitations
and its potential. The second
CD explores that potential - the realised consciousness.

'Consciousness unites me once and for always with I who am my true self.
I am then one, myself made undivided'.

CD One: 'The Unbelievable Truth'

-unbelievable because our limited human minds cannot comprehend something so original and uncomplicated as 'the realised consciousness'.
And also 'unacceptable' - because the truth usually threatens the comfor-table compromises we humans are so good at devising.

Consciousness unites. The human mind divides. Sooner or later everything devised by our minds causes discord, confusion and unhappiness. Barry Long says that when we consciously realise this, we unite with the real, the true and the good.

This CD was the first and is still the simplest statement of Barry Long's
'Myth of Life' - his unique way of expressing the intimate connections between cosmic reality (or the truth behind existence) and the fact of life as we experience it here in existence. Here we get an opportunity to share in that gift of uniting the inner and the outer, the awareness and the senses,
in a way that is often blindingly simple - or amazing.

It can be extraordinarily beneficial to allow yourself to be truly amazed - to open yourself to the wonder and mystery of life, despite the human mind's determined attempts at denial.

CD Two 'Who I Am'

Now we go to the limits of normal, human, rational understanding; the
limits hit by that ultimate spiritual question ' Who am I?' Many masters have given their answers, such as 'I am the truth, the way and the light'. And in understanding the answer, the human mind has time and again betrayed
its limitations. Barry Long has a simple direct way of putting the question
and answer where they belong; he helps his listeners see the answer in
their own experience. Such a clear demonstration supersedes understanding.

Having glimpsed the power of realised consciousness, or gone beyond understanding, it is possible to observe the workings of the human brain objectively. In this CD you will hear a description of that magnificent instrument which is at our disposal and which we so wilfully abuse.

Listening to a recording like this provides little or no information that can be remembered. Barry Long is addressing a part of the brain where the memory is redundant. Repeated listening only enhances the ability to respond to
truth wherever it is heard or found. And that of course is the point of this 'journey in consciousness' - to amplify our capacity for truth, our own consciousness.

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