A spiritual master whose teaching inspires many thousands
of people around the world, challenging them to make real changes in their lives.

His spiritual realisation began in the early 1960s
and was provoked by his own self-enquiry. He himself
had no master and followed no religious tradition.

He was born in 1926 in Australia and as a young man
worked as a journalist and newspaper editor in Sydney.
In his thirties he abandoned career and family life and
went to India where he underwent a spiritual experience,
the realisation of immortality or 'mystic death'.

After a brief time in India he went to London. His spiritual process continued there, culminating in a 'transcendental realisation'. He lived in England for twenty years, until
1986 when he returned to Australia, living first on the
Gold Coast of Queensland and later in Northern New
South Wales.

He started teaching in 1968 and after 1982 gave all
his time to writing, meditation classes and speaking at
public meetings and seminars.

Through the 1980s he was teaching mainly in England
and Australia, where he became known for original and forthright answers to age-old spiritual questions.

In the 1990s he travelled the world with his seminars
'The Truth of Life and Love' and 'The Course in Being'.
He was frequently in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. He made many visits to America and gave seminars coast-to-coast.

After 1996 he remained in Australia, teaching as actively
as ever. Every year a 'Master Session' was held for two
or three weeks and people travelled from many countries
to be with him.

He gave his last public teachings in November 2002. Some years earlier he discovered he had prostate cancer and the
last year of his life was spent in seclusion - though he continued writing almost to the end. He died on December
6th 2003.

He wished there to be no memorial to him, save for the teaching in his books, audio tapes and video recordings.

There was never any organised group, society or following associated with his teaching. He said he spoke only to the individual who can hear him; and, 'I speak only of love,
life, truth, death and God.'

He never became a public figure to the media, but his reputation ran underground and far afield. He influenced numerous other teachers, some of whom are better known.

He made many original contributions to the spiritual life of mankind and can be seen as a pioneer of that contemporary spirituality which emphasises direct experience of truth and
the reality of the present moment.

As a practical man he was always concerned with helping people to live the spiritual life. No aspect of everyday living escaped his attention.

As he found that most unhappiness is due to lack of love
he focused particularly on the sexual love of man and
woman and became widely known as a tantric teacher.

Yet he was also a mystic with an extraordinary love of God. This profundity enriched everything in his life and his work.
The depth of consciousness he reached, and the speed of
his intelligence, are best seen in his master-work
'The Origins of Man and the Universe'.

His prophetic insights will go on speaking to readers in
years to come. His books capture and preserve that
timeless power which eternally calls on us to listen,
reflect and know.

  'Barry Long's significant contribution
to contemporary spirituality has been
widely recognised by the many who
read his books worldwide and is well worth investigating.'

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