Barry Long

Enlightening Letters

ISBN 978-1-899324-15-6

196 x 126 mm 256pp p/b
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First published 1999

The spiritual crises of men facing the truth of themselves; and the guidance given to them - revealed in the personal correspondence of the spiritual teacher and the men who seek
his help.

Unique view of the male predicament.
Tough advice for men about love, sex and    relationships.
Companion volume : To Woman In Love.
Confirms men in their authority and

'You ask what you can do to live more rightly
and wisely.
The answer is: love woman . . .'

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To Man in Truth:
Enlightening Letters

To Man in Truth:
Enlightening Letters
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This is a book of letters to Barry Long from men endeavouring to live a spiritual life, and his replies. The central theme concerns the many challenges that come when men break away from the way of the world to follow the way of love.

As it's a man-made world it's hard for men to give up the masculine predisposition to be independent, ambitious, distracted and sexually uncontained. Yet according to Barry Long they must leave all that behind.
To be granted his real authority and wisdom a man must turn towards his love, woman and her mystery. Then she may give him the chance to prove
his honesty and nobility and finally discover the reality of love that otherwise will escape him.

This is in fact an extraordinary document about a contemporary form of nobility in action. It is also a unique insight into the masculine mind and the cracks that appear as soon as its flimsy structures are exposed. This is not another take on the male myth of the 'wild man' , 'new man' or domestic hero. This is about a radically new way of bringing men and woman into a partnership based on a love so real that it cannot be contaminated or diminished.

The sexual magnet of woman for man is one of the main preoccupations. Barry Long directs a man's attention to the purpose of this fundamental
drive and encourages and cajoles him into devoting himself to less selfish
and more loving ways of using his energy. This teaching takes shape in practice in the family, at work, in the street when an attractive young woman goes by, and above all in every kind of exchange he has with his partner or lover. So you can see that the content of the book is wide-ranging but in the end always comes back to the one thread that holds everything together - love.

A book for men who feel the compromise and pressure of conflict between their inner and outer lives, their ideals and their relationships - and a book
for the women who love them.

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