Barry Long

ISBN 978-0-9508050-8-5

196 x125 mm 272pp p/b
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First published 1994

Intimate exchanges about love, sex and relationships in letters between Barry Long and women who call to him for help.

Gets to the heart of the matter for women.
Deals with self-doubt, loneliness, jealousy    and hurt.
All about love - the pain but mainly the    beauty.

What does Barry Long know about woman's love? All that she tells him - and so much more, as revealed through his love of her.

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To Woman in Love:
A Book of Letters

To Woman in Love:
A Book of Letters
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Women of different ages from various countries pour their hearts out in this book. Their collective story is of pain, doubt, loss and the apparent impossibility of finding real or lasting love.

The women's passions, jealousies, sexuality, despair and courage are laid bare in their letters to Barry Long. He replies to each of them in turn and addresses every aspect of their relationships, from first love through to motherhood, menopause and old age. He speaks intimately to them about their fight for recognition, their struggle with male sexuality and dishonesty.

Speaking to the one woman in every woman, this book is Barry Long's
love-letter to her as God in existence.

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