Barry Long

An intensive meditation course

ISBN 978-0-9508050-4-7

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First published 1989.
Present edition 1995.

Stillness is the way to self-knowledge, to the secret of life and real love. Very hard to find in this world. We need help. It has to be shown and proved to us in our own experience. That's the work of the real teacher, guru or guide. This book is the nearest thing to having the teacher by your side.

Follows on from bestselling
  'Meditation A Foundation Course'.
Detailed guidance in advanced spiritual     practice.
Participate as you read.
Unique insight into the teacher at work.

Enter your own inner world.
Open the door to reality.
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Stillness Is the Way:
Intensive Meditation Course

Stillness Is the Way:
An Intensive Meditation Course
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'It is thrilling to discover a reliable guide upon this path of meditation . . . Barry Long, a remarkable teacher whose words have the certainty of a deeply realised being.' -
Meditation Magazine (USA)

Most books about meditative practice are surveys of techniques handed down from various religious traditions and explained by authors who've studied them. This is not one of those books. Here we watch a modern master at work over a period of three days with seven people, whom readers can identify with. It's a vivid account of what happens as the truth of a teaching is revealed.

More like a documentary than a treatise, the book follows every step of the way, detailing each exercise, and shows how the students face their difficulties and have their questions answered. Each of them is helped to overcome their own 'guardian of the threshold' ­ the restlessness, self-doubt or confusion that arises to test all who draw near the still centre of their being.

Towards the end essential themes are drawn together and the student or reader moves on, beyond the techniques of formal meditation. The door is opened to a new way of being, where truth, love and grace are no longer abstractions but a living reality; where unhappiness may be dissolved and we are free to live our lives at ease, unselfishly, for the greater good.

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