How To Live Joyously CD  

Barry Long Audio


Being True to the Law
of Life

written and spoken
by Barry Long

ISBN 978-1-899324-24-8

2 CD set 141 mins
rrp £18.99 $24.95 A$44.00

Tapes first published 1985
and 1992. First published under this title 1996.
New CD edition 2007.

3 chapters from the book
'Only Fear Dies'

We are tied to our past by personal conditioning (personality) and by the chains of existence (karma). 'How To Live Joyously' is a teaching that aims to liberate us from the effects of both by making us more aware of our spiritual responsibilities.
Exercises to release more spiritual energy.
Knowledge to support the individual's    spiritual life.
Barry Long's speaking voice adds to the    power of the text.

Joy is our natural state - if we can only shed the gloom. Being joyous is being true to life.

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How to Live Joyously:
Being True to the Law of Life

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Being True to the Law of Lovedeep books (uk)

In the first CD Barry Long tackles the personality to reveal the 'being behind the mask', and restore our natural being, or wellbeing.

In the second he addresses the being behind the body, where we experience the psychic pressures of living and dying, to make us more conscious and responsible beings.

CD One: How To Live Joyously / The Being Behind The Mask

- A story with spiritual exercises to get you the energy to start living joyously.

Joy is always there, like the sun, always shining above the shadow of the earth.
Stop living in your own shadow, and the the sun, the joy, immediately shines

Bring the life back into your life by learning to slip out from under the shadow. Let's see the real being behind the mask.

This CD is a surprising, challenging, powerful instrument to dispossess us of our problems; or rather, unseat the problem-maker inside us. A joyous life is lived without making problems. Some would call it an enlightened life. Barry Long calls for us to wake up to our own potential. It is far from easy to shed the shadow alone, because it's so much part of us. It takes someone already free to reveal it. Barry Long's recordings give you that indispensable reflection as a spoken commentary and as you change, and listen again, you will hear new and different things.

CD Two: The Law of Life / Death, Birth and the Secret of Hell

- An examination of the laws that operate as we become more spiritually aware, and the consequences for ourselves, both in living and dying.

To be true you have to discover the law of life, sometimes called the law of karma, and live under it. The lives of the relatively few conscious, responsible individuals on the planet are governed by it all the time.

The impediments to living joyously are often a consequence of karma. Barry Long explains what karma is, how it follows us through life and death, and he shows us how to reduce its negative effects in daily life.

In a particularly powerful conclusion Barry Long speaks almost poetically of the psychic processes that accompany our journey through death towards immortality.

Comments from Reviews

Barry Long is famous for his inspirational self-help books and tapes, but this is his best yet. These are potent messages on spirituality and consciousness, yet so relevant to everyone's ordinary life.
Nature and Health Australia

Wonderfully surprising, challenging and powerful.
Realizations Magazine Australia

I really enjoyed this and thought of many people who could benefit from it. Even if you feel you have an understanding of yourself, it reminds us of the little things we still do that are motivated by the ego, and not necessarily our hearts.
'How to live joyously' is presented very simply, and is easily understood, yet none the less, is quite confrontational in an extremely honest and down-to-earth way. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Silver Cord Australia

In an easy, often humorous style, Barry Long takes us through a journey of how the personality develops and from where it comes . . . Ideal for parents and anyone who wants to stop living in their shadow.
Golden Age Australia

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