Barry Long

A Book of Liberation

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First published 1994
Revised extended edition
of 'Ridding Yourself of Unhappiness' (1984)

Some of the contents in
'How to Live Joyously'
(audio book)

Practical ways to be free of the ‘unhappy body’, or painful self, which lives inside us all.
This book describes the causes and effects of unhappiness in us and in the world at large, the meaning of karma and what happens if we take our unhappiness with us when we die.
The spiritual process is like 'dying for life'.
Barry Long shows us how to face all our difficulties and how to live joyously, according to the law of life.

The heart of Barry Long’s spiritual    teaching.
How and why we make ourselves unhappy.
How to live joyously in this world.

Many readers have compared Only Fear Die
to Eckhart Tolle’s worldwide bestseller
The Power of Now.

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Only Fear Dies:
A Book of Liberation


Only Fear Dies:
A Book of Liberation
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How to be free of unhappiness in an unhappy world. It can be done!

The earth awaits a revolution in consciousness as day by day discontent grows around the world. But unhappiness, though accepted as normal, is not a natural part of life. Those willing to rid themselves of unhappiness may go through hell on earth to be free. But in them a new consciousness is born. It dawns with the discovery that “only fear dies”.

This book contains eight essays to provoke a re-examination of our lives and the world around us until ultimately we free ourselves of the background discontent which so often erupts in frustration and despair. Barry Long redirects our attention back to the source of all problems – ourselves. He challenges us: Why do we insist on having the right to be unhappy?

First we are shown how to deal moment-to-moment with what makes us discontented so that we can practice staying free of it. Then we examine the roots of unhappiness and how it attaches itself to us from an early age, forming a painful ‘unhappiness body’ inside our physical body. Barry Long describes how this preoccupation with discontent is played out in the world at large. There is a prophetic section on the unholy alliance of the media and the politicians – written 25 years ago, yet the implications become more obvious every day. The later essays are about where real responsibility lies, and why we must become more responsible for ourselves and our karma. The final chapter describes the drama of life from conception to death and beyond, and how we enter the mysteries of living and dying. This knowledge holds the secret of final liberation from all the ills of the human condition.


A book of essays on the causes and effects of unhappiness and the spiritual process of 'dying for life'. It shows us what we can do to
release ourselves from the tensions of living, and challenges us to give
up our 'right to be unhappy'. The perspective then shifts to the world
scene - helping us to disengage from the mass delusions of the human condition. Finally the author examines the law of karma - to give us the deepest possible perspective on the roots of unhappiness in the human condition.

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