Autobiography of Barry LongBarry Long  


A Spiritual Autobiography

Barry Long

ISBN 978-1-899324-19-4

280 x 230 mm  384 pp  p/b
£19.99  US$29.95  A$29.95

Publication:   July  2013

Barry Long's own candid account of the succession of spiritual crises and realisations that made him a spiritual master.
The real drama of enlightenment
The human story behind self-realisation
How to live joyously in this world.

In his long-awaited autobiography, published ten years after his death, Barry Long tells us of his early years in Australia and his career as a successful Australian newspaper editor; how he abandoned that world, went to India and then to England to be a writer; how the love of woman completely changed his life and a burning love of the truth utterly transformed him.



Deep Books (UK)

Brumby Sunstate (Aus)





Long gives an intimate and sometimes painfully honest account of himself  –  of the passions that drove him and what they led him to do in the name of truth; how he suffered and those around him suffered under the psychic pressure that ultimately produced  compassion and transcendence. Who but Barry Long, in the gallery of spiritual teachers, would lay himself bare in this way?

"Liberation or spiritual freedom is not gained by trying to be like everyone else. Liberation is to have the will, the power, the simplicity to be what you are from moment to moment, without pretence and without considering what you or others think you should be or should not be. Naked of being anything you must stand, and stand alone.

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