Barry Long

The cause and cure
of terrorism, war
and human suffering.

ISBN 978-1-899324-17-0

160pp 216 x 138mm
£9.99 $14.95 A$25.95

First publication
September 2002

A radical and illuminating message about the threat of global catastrophe and the real power of prayer.
Puts terrorism into the bigger picture.
Why our civilisation is being shaken and
   where we made our big mistake.
How prayer works. Advice on how to pray.
Prophetic account of the end of our    civilisation and what comes next.

Many books have been published recently about the threat of terrorism. They address the political and religious context from differing points of view. Many spiritual teachers and leaders have commented on the events of Sept 11 2001. Barry Long's contribution is unique in its scope and universality.

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A Prayer for Life:
The Cause and Cure of Terrorism,
War and Human Suffering

A Prayer for Life:
The Cause and Cure of Terrorism,
War and Human Suffering
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We face the appalling end-game of global greed and exploitation. Will we all pay the penalty or is there still some way out? What have we been doing wrong? And if, or when, the end comes - what then?

This book is a radical and challenging perspective on human history, and strong medicine. Barry Long explains why our civilisation is under threat and what we've been doing wrong. He predicts the outcome of current global unrest and offers us a positive message - a prayer for a new life on earth beyond anything we can imagine today.

What Barry Long says will challenge and surprise many readers; all the more so because it is so simple and convincing. In times of trouble all men turn to prayer. But, as this book makes clear, very few know how to pray or what the real power of prayer is.

'Long's message pierced my cynical armour'- Nova Wholistic Journal (Australia)

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