The Purpose of Love
- 'Without purpose love is hopeless.'

A Lesson In Love
- Male sexuality must be re-educated before woman's love can be reached. This section is
a step-by-step lesson in what to do and what not to do. The idea is to negate destructive sexual behaviour and become attuned to the finer energies of sexual love.

The Problem of Sex
- We must be able to discern the difference between sex and love before we can bring them together in divine sexual love. Sexual problems arise from lack of love. The attachment to emotionality, fantasy and excitement must go. This section deals with masturbation, foreplay, premature ejaculation and impotence.

Conscious Love
- The transcendent mystery of love is not discovered by focusing on the orgasm. We must put love first, above all else. 'Lovemaking is not just about making physical love, it is about making your love and your life trouble-free.' It is also about romance: 'True romance is the stupendous adventure of man and woman discovering together through love, through each other, that there is no death, no end to life or love that does not hold or fear.'

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