Barry Long

Ten practical lessons.

ISBN 978-1-899324-00-2
Ebook ISBN 978-899324-27-9

160pp, 196mm x 124mm p/b
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First published 1982
Revised edition 1995
now reprinted 11 times
70,000+ sold worldwide
in 8 languages.

Editions in 7 other languages


This is a straightforward practical course of instruction which is clear and easy to follow.
The approach is relevant and contemporary;
there is no traditional religious or eastern
content. The exercises in each lesson provide
a sound basis for regular practice and bring
about a greater sense of purpose, wellbeing
and freedom from anxiety.

Clear instructions and step-by-step tuition.
Practical exercises to do in daily life.
Barry Long's no-nonsense approach
   appeals to wide readership.
Successful sales history year after year.

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Meditation A Foundation Course:
A Book of Ten Lessons

Meditation A Foundation Course:
A Book of Ten Lessons
deep books (uk)

How to stop being busy. Step by step you learn how to still the busy mind and deal with worry.

This is a course of concise lessons with exercises to use at home and at work. It takes you in easy stages from the basics to the point where you'll be able to practise on your own, knowing exactly what you are doing and why.

The Mind, Body and Spirit become attuned in a state of stillness - freedom from disturbance. This book puts you on the way to a stiller, more fulfilling life.
Learning to meditate is often recognised as a turning point, when life takes on new meaning and purpose. The simplicity and clarity of this book has opened the way for many thousands of people worldwide.

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