The True in the False

Barry Long

ISBN 978-1-899324-03-3

192pp 194x126mm p/b
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First published 1983
Revised extended edition 1996

Observations about life, truth, love and death made while the author was undergoing an intense process of spiritual self-realisation. These fresh, clear, challenging insights are a map for us to follow on our own spiritual journey into self-knowledge. Towards the end we're shown an almost unknowable realm of transcendence over the human condition.

Classic statement of spiritual self-
The basis of this modern master's    philosophy.
Concise challenging style appeals to the    spiritual seeker.
Is read over and over - and recommended    to others.

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Knowing Yourself:
The True in the False

Knowing Yourself:
The True in the False
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'A book to be highly recommended.'

- Yoga Today

The central idea of this book is very simple. The whole process of knowing yourself is the discovery of what is false. When we discover the false, the intelligent thing to do is discard it.

Self-discovery is the great adventure of consciousness on earth, and your guide, Barry Long, is a sure-footed master of the way.

The book is essentially a collection of statements made by Barry Long during the critical phases of his self-realisation. It has the immediacy and power of 'the moment of truth', which utterly changed his life. The same power may change yours!

Does your life seem mechanical somehow? Do you look for something greater, in spite of yourself? Is what you've accepted as true, really the truth?

This book is like a window. First you catch sight of yourself in the false reflection of the glass. Then you look squarely at it. Finally you see through to the immaculate reality beyond.

As you read you ask: Is it true? In confirming or rejecting each proposition you step further into your own self-discovery. Reading the book is knowing yourself!

Each of the thirty chapters sketches an aspect of the human psyche, challenging us to find what lies behind the appearance of things. One layer of self delusion after another is stripped away until at the end there is nothing but pure perception and the being of God.

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